Social Anxiety Forums: Frequently Asked Questions





You could be searching for a social anxiety forum to interact with others who have the same life experiences. Social anxiety forums are places to communicate with people who may have solutions to your issues, as they have tried being ‘in your shoes.’ A great forum provides a support system with active members that are swift in responding empathetically.

Although it is best to get into a forum committed exclusively to social anxiety disorder, other general mental health forums could also have certain boards focused on various disorders. The perfect forum is a combination of proactive mediators who keep track of posts and block improper content, a large-scale membership, and a convenient-to-use platform. Remember, though many forums provide moderators, they are probably not licensed mental health professionals.

Additionally, it is relevant to note that social anxiety forums are usually asynchronous in character, which means you and other participants can post and read any time you want. This varies from chat rooms, wherein it is commonly expected that you will get in and constantly chat for a particular time before exiting. This would mean that discussion forums don’t take as much time and can be joined when you are not that busy.

The best SAD forum for your personal situation is dependent on how calm and comfortable you are with other participants and how convenient it is to navigate the webpage. You can try getting into different social anxiety forums that you see online and choose which one matches your needs. Hopefully, after some time, you will develop new friendships in certain forums, and that could be the one you are most comfortable with.




Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get rid of social anxiety fast?


  • Practice controlled breathing
  • Be physically active.
  • Learn progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Don’t focus on yourself. Think about other people and things.
  • Begin with small steps.
  • Challenge your negative thoughts.

What does social anxiety feel like?


When you need to perform in front of a big crowd or audience and have social anxiety, you tend to sweat, tremble, and blush. You will feel that your heart is racing and your mind is going blank. Sometimes, you feel sick to your stomach, and you are nauseous. When you are speaking, you don’t make eye contact, and you tend to speak with a very soft voice.


Does social anxiety make you awkward?


When a person has a social anxiety disorder, social events or events where he needs to do a presentation or make a speech triggers anxiety and can elicit panic attacks, which is actually different compared to feeling awkward when you talk to others.


Why is social anxiety so common now?


Sadly, nobody seems to find the answer to this question, but many people blame this increase in anxiety on issues like sleep deprivation, decreased stigma, and social media.


What is the root cause of social anxiety?


The precise cause of social anxiety is not clear, but recent studies found the idea that it may be a result of a combination of genetics and the environment. Additionally, unpleasant experiences also may lead to illness, including abuse and bullying.


What can trigger social anxiety?


Stressful life events and environmental factors trigger social anxiety. These include divorce, teasing, abuse, death of a loved one, or maternal stress.


Does social anxiety ever go away?


It can be devastating and can have a tremendous effect on one’s life. For some, it improves as they mature, but for many others, it doesn’t disappear by itself without any treatment or medication. It is vital to seek help if you are experiencing symptoms.


Are you born with social anxiety?


Most experts agree that anxiety is hereditary, but environmental factors can also cause it. Meaning that it is likely to develop anxiety even without having someone in the family that has it. There is a significant connection between anxiety disorders and genetics that most of us do not understand, and more studies are necessary.


Can parents cause social anxiety?


Parents can cause their children to develop anxiety without knowing it, just with how they deal with their children. For instance, permitting your child not to go to school when they feel tense or anxious about going more likely pushes the child to be even more anxious when he goes the next day.


Can fighting parents cause social anxiety?


According to current research, young kids whose parents constantly fight or are too involved with their children’s lives have a higher likelihood of developing anxiety and depression.


Can you self-diagnose social anxiety?


You’ll know if you have social anxiety if you are worried about a presentation or a coming speech for weeks or months before it even happens. You not only feel tense, but you don’t get enough sleep. On the day of the feared event, you have extreme anxiety symptoms, including shortness of breath, trembling, sweating, and a racing heart.


What’s the best medication for social anxiety?


Despite the many types of medications available in the market, SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are frequently the front liners recommended and prescribed for longstanding social anxiety symptoms. Your mental health provider may recommend sertraline or paroxetine.


What helps social anxiety naturally?


Natural remedies that help reduce social anxiety include:


  • Regular physical activity or exercise
  • Learning stress reduction techniques
  • Sufficient amount of sleep daily
  • Participating in social events by communicating with people you are comfortable with
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol
  • Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet.


How bad can social anxiety get?


If you ignore your social anxiety, it can definitely dominate your whole life. Anxiety can negatively affect your school, work, and other relationships. It can also lead to the development of negative behaviors like decreased self-confidence.






If you decide to join a social anxiety forum, be certain that you have read the specific forum’s guidelines. Most of today’s forums have a list of new subjects and which subjects are not supposed to be discussed, or whether or not you are allowed to post images and place links, among other things.


A social anxiety forum is a great way to reach out to others and share stories online, but it is not the proper platform to find help during moments of extreme anxiety or stress. In these moments, it is best to visit your doctor or mental health provider.