POTS Patients Must Follow Stay-At-Home Order

Last year, I finally came at peace with the fact that I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). I got diagnosed with this illness in 2018 at the height of my career as a marketing consultant. The news hit me so hard that I soon fell into depression, and it did not feel like I could continue living again.

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But my family and doctor this never lost hope in me. My parents stayed in my house for the most part, while my doctors called me to check on how I was doing. My bitterness started to dissolve gradually until I no longer felt like ending my life. Soon enough, I was able to accept that POTS would forever be a part of me and that I would have to work around it.

I picked myself up and contacted my old clients so that I could work from home. This setup was more ideal for me than going back to the office because I did not need to push myself to get up when I was hurting. I managed to regain my social life, too, and even attend some parties.

However, my life changed again when the governor of California ordered us to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. The regulation was notably stricter for me than anyone else because I was technically immuno-compromised. I had to get my groceries delivered; none of my friends could visit me.

Did it sadden me? Yes, of course. But did I wish there was no quarantine? No way—not with the coronavirus still on the loose. Here’s why I won’t ever break the stay-at-home order.

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It Is Safe At Home

Your house is the best place to be at the moment—walls shielding you from the people who may be carriers of the virus. You are not brushing against strangers who may not even know they have it, either.

Because of the POTS, it is effortless for you to catch the coronavirus. But there is no need to keep on thinking if you already have COVID-19 if you avoid going out.

I Don’t Have A Death Wish

That’s correct—I have no dream of dying before I even turn 40 years old. Perhaps during my depressed days, I did; however, it’s very well at the back of my head at present. I love the life that I have, even though it does not seem too exciting for other people.

This is the reason why quarantine is ideal for me. I can imagine myself contracting COVID-19 in less than an hour of staying outside. If POTS’ extreme symptoms have not killed me before, the overlapping effects of the coronavirus may do it.

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It Saves Everyone From Worrying

I heard from the news that COVID-19 patients were not supposed to accept visitors wherever they might be. Their parents, siblings, and close friends, therefore, had no other choice but to talk to their infected loved ones online. However, we all know that it does nothing to reduce their worries.

Now, I am aware that I already brought a lifetime worth of stress to my parents when I developed depression after my POTS diagnosis. They no longer need to go through that again, so it is best not to risk my health by breaking the stay-at-home order.

Final Thoughts

I feel a deep sense of appreciation for life now more than ever. Sadly, a lot of people have not been so lucky to get away from or win against the coronavirus. However, those of us who do not have COVID-19 have an opportunity to avoid becoming new hosts of the virus by staying at home. Thus, whether you have an incurable disease like me or not, follow what the governors tell you to do at this time.