Medical Terminology

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It’s hard coming back when I used to be the person my co-workers went to when they needed a question answered and now I’m struggling with the most basic functions of my job. — Andrea Rosenhaft LCSW-R

Medical terminology often leaves many confused. When you hear the terminology associated with medicine and that field you can honestly listen and have no clue as to what people are saying. You are not alone in this. Understanding medical terminology is not easy, to say the least, and you do need to have well adverse in this area to work within it. So, what is medical terminology and how can someone learn it in today’s world?

Understanding Medical Terminology

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that medical terminology is quite simply a language in which is used in medicine. The terminology (terms) which are used can refer to conditions within the human body or indeed parts within it. For example, everyday humans talk about the arms but doctors have another name for it; this is medical terminology and it’s really just how doctors communicate. Yes, many terms we do not understand and often, doctors, nurses, and medical health care workers speak in plain English so we can understand. In most cases, medical terminology is only learned by those within the medical field. View this website here.

Where Does The Terminology Come From?

In most cases, medical terminology originates from the Greek or Latin languages. That is one of the reasons why many of the medical terminologies are hard to understand. However, doctors have to learn these things for some reason and while they may seem confusing, they are really quite easy to understand with a quick crash course. Doctors will often use basic terminology when speaking to patients as some medical terms scare people. It’s not hard to see why though because when a doctor describes a condition or procedure with Latin or Greek translations it can sound far worse than what it is. Using basic English language can put a patient at ease which is why most of the times it’s only between medical personnel in which medical terminology is used.

We find ourselves preoccupied and unable to “snap out of” an unpleasant disposition. — Karen L Smith MSS, LCSW

Learning Medical Terminology

health treatmentAnyone can learn medical terms whether they wish to pursue a career in this field or just want to understand what doctors are telling you! There are many courses available and they can be really good when it comes to getting a basic understanding of certain medical terms. Yes, you might not be convinced it’s necessary or important to know these medical terms and yet it can be very important, to say the least. It can help you feel a lot less afraid of what the doctors and nurses are telling you. What’s more, it’s good if you wish to pursue a career in this field.

Understand And Love The Terminology

To be honest, understanding the terms used in medicine can be far less complicated than first appears. What’s more, it can be quite fun to learn what certain things mean and it can be great if you’re planning to go into this field one day also. There has never been a better time to look into medical terminology and you won’t regret it. Yes, some of the sayings can seem scary but when you know the basic idea of them, they aren’t so anymore.

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