Dysautonomia And Stress

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A word that describes a malfunction in the ANS or Autonomic Nervous System is called Dysautonomia. The Autonomic Nervous System has two parts: the Parasympathetic Nervous System and then the Sympathetic Nervous system. The PNS or Parasympathetic Nervous System is known for the resting and systems like the digestive system. The latter on the other hand is for controlling your fight or flight response.


Three kinds of stress can trigger a response from this: chemical, physical, and emotional. However, it doesn’t matter which type. The results are all the same.

In my experience, people struggling with illness want acknowledgement about how hard their situation is. — Tamara McClintock Greenberg Psy.D.

There will be a decrease in the blood pressure in the digestive system. This will then cause the shutdown of some of the functions of your organs so that blood can flow more to other parts like arms and legs. The reaction is often involuntary and necessary to cope with stressful events. However, the problem arises when people are always in the sympathetic dominant state because of the chronic emotional, physical, and chemical stressors all around. This constant stress will then lead to chronic stress or stress disorders among people, which can cause severe health impacts.

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Perhaps this is one of the reasons that despite the many kinds of supplements and diets appearing, there are still people who don’t recover from diseases. The sympathetic nervous system is necessary to keep your organs processing correctly and doing their job. If their function is disrupted, then your body won’t be able to absorb the required nutrients no matter how much supplements you eat and how healthy your diet is.


Before jumping into medicines and supplements, target the three stressors first, and the rest will follow. To solve the chemical stressors, be aware of the toxins in your environment and the things you consume. Perhaps you’re drinking too much medicine that’s not needed anymore, or maybe that antibiotic you’re taking is too much, so it’s time to go back to the doctor.

Many share a common belief that their lives will never be normal again. — Scott Dehorty MSW, LCSW-C

For the emotional stressor, you have to know what triggers it. Is it from your jobs or relationships? Or maybe it’s from stressful events? Physical stress, on the other hand, can come from things like injuries and physical activities that may cause trauma. It’s also important to check if the stress is coming from your spine.

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It is because the spinal problems can be the root of significant health issues as it’s directly connected to the brain and it’s the one that surrounds the spinal cord. Spinal problems can come from a range of things like significant incidents like falling to just sitting in an improper posture. This can then interfere with how your brain communicates with your body. A chiropractor is the one to help in fixing this besides identifying the three stressors. They can see if there are any problems in your spine, look at its causes, and treat it.

The more unpredictable your pain, the more challenging it is. — Deborah Barrett Ph.D., LCSW

Having sessions with a chiropractor might seem expensive or unnecessary at first, but it is not, especially if it has been proven that you have spinal problems. Spinal problems can cause you to be paralyzed if allowed to worsen or ignored. Paying a certain amount now to hire a chiropractor will always be better than the future expenses you’ll have if you don’t fix your spinal problems.