5 Ways To Improve Your Mental Health After POTS Diagnosis

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Getting a diagnosis for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) can undeniably be difficult news to accept. The blood that should be circulating all over remains on the lower half of the body. Whenever you stand up, your heart may always beat abnormally fast – 30 times or more – to provide oxygen to the brain. Worse, there is no cure for this condition at the moment.

Due to the setbacks that you might experience while dealing with this illness, it is likely for you to feel a lot of hate. For yourself – because you ended up with an incurable disease. For the doctors – because they cannot offer a long-term solution.

If you’re tired of being bitter, though, you can improve your mental health by doing any of the following:

1. Change Your Lifestyle

Off the bat, keep in mind that what and how you eat can immensely affect the illness. The basic idea is that decreasing your carbohydrate or protein intake while increasing the amount of salt or fluids you consume is great for your body. You should also get more sleep, exercise, and say no to alcohol.

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2. Embrace Technology

Since POTS may prevent you from performing even mundane tasks like cleaning the house or going to a drive-thru place, you don’t have to feel guilty about embracing technology. Say, download an app or get the number of the restaurants you want to receive food from so that they can deliver it at your doorstep. You can look for robotic appliances as well that may be useful in and out of your home, including a mobility scooter.

3. Learn About The Illness

It will also do you a lot of good if you start knowing more about POTS than what the specialists can tell you. There are excellent resources on the internet regarding the case studies and history of the illness that you can undoubtedly find after a few clicks. If that does not suffice, you may visit a local library to search for other learning materials.

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4. Take Care Of Yourself 

Considering your hours often get occupied by work, family, or friends, you should realize that that is no longer acceptable after getting diagnosed with POTS. People with this disease are known to be extra sensitive to stress. When problems related to these areas occur at once, they may trigger your condition and keep you from functioning for days. Thus, it matters to make self-pampering your #1 priority all the time.

5. Volunteer

Similarly, you don’t need to be in tiptop shape to help. In case you have some money to spare, you can donate to charities that aid less fortunate patients, as well as to the research facilities that try to find a cure for POTS. On a good day, you may join a support group to offer a shoulder to lean or cry on to new patients or give them counseling.

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Final Thoughts

A POTS diagnosis is not enough reason for you to think that life will become dull from that day forward. Millions of people out there have incurable diseases; many of them are even at the terminal stage of their illness. Despite that, they never get tired of believing that there’s something good they can do before passing. These people should serve as your inspiration to improve your mental health and be generally kinder to yourself.